River Valley Community College was founded in 1968 (under a variety of names over the years) and has ever since provided quality education in an academic environment small enough to allow individualized attention. Students in over 30 career-oriented programs gain the highly specialized skills and knowledge necessary to confidently, and successfully, enter the job market in a variety of technical, business and health-oriented fields. 

The college offers programs to students who have decided upon a career path and advising and educational opportunities for those who are still exploring. Students can earn an Associate of Arts degree, Associate of Science degrees, or Certificates and proceed to the workforce. The Associate degrees can also provide the first two years of a four-year Bachelor's program. 

As a commuter college (students commute from their homes or from rented housing in the area), the College serves the needs of both the region and the state through cooperation with local industry, business, service, and health organizations.

River Valley Community College has three ADA accessible sites: the main campus, located on Route 120 approximately two miles north of the Claremont business district, and the Keene Center at 88 Winchester Street, Keene, NH and the Lebanon Center at 15 Hanover Street, Lebanon, NH. While not all programs are offered at the Keene and Lebanon Centers, these sites allow the college to offer local access to many college courses, assistance with the college admissions process, academic advising, support services and Financial Aid information to residents of Cheshire and Grafton counties. Students taking courses in Keene or Lebanon are encouraged to access full college services at the main Claremont campus. All three sites are subject to all RVCC policies and procedures.