Educational Philosophy

Since the College serves a diverse student population possessing a wide range of academic and physical abilities, the College is committed to providing a variety of educational approaches, instructional methods, supplementary services, and co-curricular activities to meet those diverse needs. In the context of a student-centered environment, the primary aim of the College is to assist students to become self-reliant, self-confident skilled workers and educated persons. 

The College believes that the educated person is able to read critically, write clearly and comprehensively, reason analytically, and utilize mathematical and scientific skills to solve life’s problems. The educated person functions as a responsible and ethical member of society, recognizes and copes with the ambiguities of life, and appreciates diversity. The educated person moves from concrete to abstract levels of thinking, fosters integration and synthesis of knowledge, interchanges roles as both learner and teacher, and utilizes contemplative thought.

By embracing an understanding and appreciation of self in today’s socially and technologically complex world, and through the stimulation of intellectual curiosity, learners will be able to improve their lives and contribute something of value to the community of which they are a part.