Welcome to River Valley Community College!

Dear New and Prospective Students, 

Allow me to be the first to welcome you to River Valley Community College and all the wonderful opportunities that come with it. RVCC is close to my heart and I hope it becomes close to yours as well.

One of the incredible parts of RVCC is the Faculty and staff and their dedication to your success. They enjoy teaching and assisting students and will guide you in your educational journey. Everyone I speak with takes great pride in their role at River Valley Community College.

River Valley has a very rich history. Founded in 1968, River Valley has provided New Hampshire residents (and our friends from Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts and the greater United States) with an education that is as exceptional as it is accessible for 50 years and counting. Whatever your status - recent high school graduate, adult learner, working parent, retiree, etc. - RVCC is the place to be and has a program for you.

RVCC has a variety of programs available. This catalog is a guide to our offerings. Within its pages are the details for over 30 different degree and certificate programs. However, the catalog doesn’t tell the entire story. Come and visit us and learn just how good our faculty, staff and facilities really are.

I have met a number of students. They come from diverse backgrounds. They are talented and friendly. Here, you will find a study partner, a friend, and make connections that will last a lifetime. 

Know that, whatever your educational goals, a degree or certificate can change your life and open doors. By reading this catalogue and enrolling in classes you are taking the first steps through those doors. RVCC’s faculty, staff, and I know that together we can accomplish great things. We would be honored if you would join us.



Alfred Williams
River Valley Community College