Student Conduct and Discipline

A student’s continued enrollment at the College is dependent on academic performance and behavior. The awarding of academic credits and recognition and the conferring of degrees, certificates and awards are subject to the academic and judicial authorities of the College. A student’s registration may be canceled and they may, following due process, be dismissed from the College at any time and on any grounds deemed advisable by the Administration.

Student conduct, both on and off campus, of a nature which would discredit the student and/or the College, may result in disciplinary action by the College. Persons are subject to the laws of the State regardless of their student status and are subject to College discipline when the College’s interests as an academic community are distinctly and clearly involved.

The judicial process will be the responsibility of the Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs and the Judicial Committee. The Vice President may take administrative disciplinary action when it is deemed necessary to ensure the safety of students, faculty or staff and/or the continuation of the educational process. The final judicial authority of the College is vested in the President.