Safety and Fire Regulations

Eye Safety
In all science and mechanics laboratories when eye injuries or contamination might occur, proper safety glasses must by worn, or safety shields used, at all times. In the event of an accident, notify the supervising faculty, complete appropriate response steps as directed by the supervising faculty, and complete an accident report. If required, seek medical attention.

Fire Safety
Fire drills will be held periodically, and students should become familiar with procedures for evacuating the building. Fire alarm pull boxes are located near each exit and other locations throughout the College buildings.
   When discovering a fire:
        1. Immediately pull a fire alarm box;
        2. Notify the Office of Academic & Student Affairs or Academic Center Director as to the location of the fire.

   When the fire alarm sounds:
        1. All machinery should be turned off and secured. Turn off any gas;
        2. Leave the room and proceed promptly but calmly out of the building through the nearest exit;
        3. The instructor will be the last person to leave the room, shutting the door as they leave;
        4. Gather in the parking lot, away from the building;
        5. Do not re-enter the building until an all-clear has been announced.

Fire escape routes are posted in each room. Students should be familiar with all safety rules and procedures that are available in each laboratory.