Academic Advising

Return of Funds for Financial AID Recipients

Financial Aid recipients who withdraw from the school or stop attending classes may be required to repay all or part of their financial aid received. Recipients may also be required to pay back to the College, all or a portion of tuition charges. Students who attend more than 60 percent of the semester are considered to have earned 100 percent of the federal or state aid received. Contact the Financial Aid Office for more information on Return of Title IV funds. Withdrawals are done through the Student Information System (SIS).

The date the Withdrawal is entered by the student in SIS is the withdrawal date and date of notification to the College. If a student ceases attendance without providing official notification, the withdrawal date will be the midpoint of the semester, unless the Registrar is notified otherwise.

Students who stop attending class after the add/drop period may receive an AF from the instructor at the end of the semester. An AF grade is computed into the student GPA as an F. However, an instructor may also give an AF grade at any point during the semester for violation of the instructor’s individual attendance policy, for disruptive classroom behavior or for unsafe clinical practice. In this instance the instructor will submit the AF grade to the Registrar on a designated form. The date the form is submitted will be the date of notification.