Academic Advising

Jerry Appell 
Coordinator of High School Programs

Charlene Ashey 
Student Services Assistant and Supervisor of LAC

Hillary Ballantine 
Science Lab Assistant 

Ken Caruncho
Security Officer

Alison Chisolm
Entrepreneurship and Innovation Program Coordinator

Lizmaries Clemente-Lago 
Building Service Worker

Marie Couitt 
Banner Coordinator

Jean Dale
Financial Aid Assistant

Erick Davis
Buildings & Grounds Specialist

Jillian E. Davis

Julia V. Dower
Director of Financial Aid

Deb DuClos-Emond
Library Technician

Kris Garnjost
Enrollment Specialist

Tammy Gero
Senior Accounting Technician/Accounts Payable and Purchasing

Suzanne Groenewold
Enrollment Services & Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Guimond
Academic Advisor

Laura Hanson
Student Services Assistant and Supervisor of KAC

Sarah Hebert 
Director of Library Services

Melanie Henry

Matthew Hutchins
IT Service Technician

Karen Kelcey
Assistant Registrar

Margaret Kelly
Assistant Director of Financial Aid

Shubhashish Mathema
IT Manager

Nickole Milo
Academic Advisor & Interim Accessibility Coordinator

Martha Mott
WorkReadyNH Director

Gloria Oakes
Library Associate

Dan Osborn
Coordinator of Workforce and Community Education

Robin Osmer
Program Assistant, WorkReady NH

James Reiman
Plant Maintenance Engineer

Kathi Rheaume
Executive Assistant to the Faculty

Connie Sampson
Human Resources Coordinator

Tara Strong
Academic Advisor/Student Life Coordinator

Career Counselor and Director of Advising

Deborah Tardiff
Executive Secretary - LAC 

Kirsten Ullman
Enrollment Specialist

Rianna Villemaire
One Stop Receptionist