Academic Advising

A matriculated student who, due to a serious medical condition that requires extended in-patient treatment in a medical facility and/or ongoing outpatient medical treatment, becomes unable to complete their academic requirements and/or who becomes unable to meet the program’s technical standards and/or the requirements of the Student Code of Conduct, may apply for a formal Medical Leave of Absence for up to two consecutive semesters.

Requests must contain official healthcare professional documentation with a letter that includes the student’s name, address and program. Drop forms must be completed for the courses involved.

Students considering a Medical Leave of Absence should be aware that granting of such leave does not relieve a student from financial responsibility to the College. A student who is seeking a Medical Leave of Absence who is also a Financial Aid recipient should contact the Financial Aid Office to discuss the leave and any potential implications for changes in Financial Aid eligibility. Students who have concerns about continuing health insurance coverage may also wish to consult Michelle's Law for important information. See full policy in the Student Handbook.