Liberal Arts Core Courses

All Associate Degrees have a Liberal Arts core. That core draws not from specific occupational or professional objectives but from thought processes of the mathematician, the scientist, the writer, the humanist, and the social scientist. Grappling with universal questions, students learn how to critically think about the past, present, and future. 

The Liberal Arts core consists of courses that are drawn from English, mathematics, the sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities/fine arts/world languages disciplines. They are essential elements in the achievement of identified College outcomes and together create a coherent liberal arts education.

Regularly Scheduled Offerings

The following table provides a guideline for course offerings in Liberal Arts. Courses marked with an asterisk (*) have prerequisites (see course descriptions). Courses may be offered during semesters and locations different to those published, and are subject to change. 

ENGL098R Intro to College Composition
ENGL102R College Composition*
ENGL122R Pro. Writing & Communications*
ENGL206R Creative Writing*
ENGL232R Reading Short Fiction*
ENGL235R Poetry Workshop*
ENGL244R World Literature*
ENGL286R Children's Literature*

ARTS101R Intro to Drawing
ARTS102R Introduction to Painting

HUMA102R Art Appreciation
HUMA103R Music Appreciation
HUMA107R Understanding World Religions
HUMA109R Introduction to Philosophy
HUMA110R Humanities in Western Culture
HUMA140R Myth in US Culture
HUMA142R Topics US History to 1877
HUMA143R Topics US History: 1877-Present
HUMA210R Filming Vietnam War*

MATH016R Fundamentals of Math Literacy
MATH019R Fund of Math Literacy STEM*
MATH106R Statistics I*
MATH110R Functions & Modeling I*
MATH112R Mathematical Investigations*
MATH114R Mathematics for the Environment*
MATH120R Functions & Modeling II*
MATH210R Calculus I*
MATH211R Calculus II*

BIOL101R Biology: Chemical and Cellular Basis of Life *
BIOL102R Biology: Adaptation, Evolution and Ecosystems *
BIOL103R Human Biology
BIOL117R Environmental Science
BIOL162R Nutrition: the Science of Sustenance 
BIOL201R Anatomy & Physiology I*
BIOL202R Anatomy & Physiology II*
BIOL205R Microbiology*
CHEM030R Introduction to Chemical Principles
CHEM140R Chemistry I*
CHEM141R Chemistry II*
PHYS115R Astronomy

ECON102R Macroeconomics
PSYC101R Intro to Psychology
PSYC114R Human Development
PSYC210R Abnormal Psychology*
PSYC212R Forensic Psychology*
SOSC101R Introduction to Sociology
SOSC201R Contemporary Social Problems*

LANG120R Sign Language I
LANG121R Sign Language II*