General Studies

Degrees and Certificates


FYE101R: Purpose, People, and Career

Class Program
Credits 1

This course will help first year students in an academic focus area understand the type of work, career options, and preparation they will need to find success in their chosen field. Students will be exposed to the purpose and the need of the field they are considering or pursuing. Students will learn how to communicate effectively and work efficiently within a diverse work environment. Additionally, the course will address career readiness and soft skills competencies. Students will have the opportunity to explore various careers within their selected field.

Course may be offered as 1-3 credits (1-3 lecture hours).  

GSTC102R: Program Design Portfolio

Class Program
Credits 3
This course is required for learners who wish to develop a comprehensive portfolio for the design of an individualized General Studies degree. Its purpose is to design a sequence of learning experiences that provide a coherent program of studies based upon identified educational goals and core general education courses. The design process will guide the student in assessment of formal and informal learning pathways as well as lay the foundational framework for their individualized major. Emphasis will be research, self examination, planning, goal setting and documentation. Instruction, formal and informal, individual or group will be tailored to meet the needs of the individual learner.