Academic Advising

Project Running Start: Project Running Start allows high school students, in participating high schools, to enroll in River Valley Community College (RVCC) courses taught in the high school by high school teachers. College credits may be used towards completion of a degree or certificate at RVCC. Credits may be transferred to other Community College System of New Hampshire campuses as well as universities and colleges throughout the country. (Please note that the determination of transfer credit is at the discretion of the receiving institution.) Project Running Start students realize significant advantages: college credit is awarded in high school, tuition costs are reduced ($150 per course registration), time to complete higher education requirements is reduced, and confidence in the transition to college is increased. High school graduates considering RVCC are encouraged to enroll within one year to ensure that Running Start credits will be accepted into a current program.

Bridge2College: This Early College Program for high school juniors and seniors provides the opportunity for junior and senior high school students to take RVCC courses at all three locations. These classes can be taken through the summer after senior year. Tuition and fees are discounted by 50%.  Students earn college credits that also meet high school graduation requirements. Seniors in high school may also apply for conditional early admissions to some programs at RVCC.