Criminal Background Check Policy

A criminal background check may be required prior to Work Based Learning (WBL) experiences. Failure to undergo a criminal background check prior to a WBL experience may result the inability to progress in a program. Should a clinical, fieldwork or practicum agency refuse to place a student based on the outcome of the background check, the college/program shall have no responsibility to arrange an alternate clinical/fieldwork or practicum placement. Students may appeal the decision and will be given the opportunity to present information to dispute the background check. Students must agree that all results will be available to the program and the sites associated with the program. The criminal background check may be required several times during a two year program and may be required for employment and/or licensure and/or certification. Cost for the criminal background check will be the responsibility of the student.

RVCC currently works with Certified Background Check to help students in this process. Students should work with their Program Directors for assistance. Some agencies require both a state and federal background check.