Academic Advising

Absence due to Religious Observation

River Valley Community College makes a reasonable effort to support students seeking an accommodation for religious observance. Students who need accommodation for religious observance should speak with their faculty in order to minimize conflict with classes and assignments. 

Consistent with the attendance policy for each program, class absences will be addressed on a case-by-case basis.  Students are responsible for making up any work missed as the result of an accommodation. As soon as is reasonably possible, each student has the responsibility to communicate with their course instructors about religious observances that are likely to conflict directly with academic coursework or clinical assignments. 

Students seeking religious accommodation should be prepared to discuss the following with their faculty: 

Nature of religious observance 
Date(s) and times 
Specific accommodation needed to support observance 
Timeframe to complete missed work 
Any special considerations 

Students who need support or would like to discuss how to communicate with faculty may contact the Office of Academic & Student Affairs.