Academic Advising

Wireless Access

A wireless network is available in Claremont, Keene and Lebanon. Access to the Internet system is controlled solely by the Claremont IT staff and any computer not resident to this campus must be inspected by them before network access is possible. If a computer is deemed unsafe to the network for any reason, access to the network will be denied until the condition is fixed. Computers accessing the system must have up to date virus protection software and have current virus definition updates in place.

Rogue Wireless Access Points (personal wireless equipment) are not allowed and will result in discipline of the offending individual in accordance with College rules and State of New Hampshire laws. People attempting to “hack” the wireless network will be dealt with in accordance with applicable State of New Hampshire rules and laws. Accessing pornography over the campus wireless network will result in the loss of access to the network. For more information, contact the IT Department, ext.5362.