Student Status

Active Status: A matriculated student who has not officially withdrawn from a program or the College is considered active status. Students remain in active status until they withdraw from the College or have not received a grade for a credit course for three consecutive semesters (including summer) at which time they will be officially withdrawn from the College.

Inactive Status: Students who officially withdraw from a program or the College are considered inactive. Students who have not received a grade for a credit course for three consecutive semesters will be removed from active status and will become inactive. If an inactive student chooses to return to the College, they must reapply in a program and follow the new program of study.

Matriculated Student: A student who applies, is officially accepted to the College in a program, and has been confirmed by returning a deposit to the College is said to be matriculated. The status remains until the student officially withdraws from the program or College, is suspended/dismissed for academic or disciplinary reasons, upon graduation, or has remained inactive for three consecutive semesters.

Non-Matriculated: A student who is enrolled in a course or courses but who has not officially been accepted into a College program is considered non-matriculated. A student who has taken individual courses and then decides to work for a degree should commit to a specific program and formally matriculate after proper counseling. It is recommended that students matriculate into a program prior to the satisfactory completion of 9 credits to ensure credits earned can be applied to the program of study.

Full-Time: A student is considered full-time if registered for at least 12 credits in any given semester or an appropriate fraction thereof: for example, if summer semester is 8 weeks instead of 16 weeks, a student would be considered full-time if they carried 6 credits.

Part-Time: A student who is registered for fewer than 6-8 credits (for financial aid awards), or who otherwise indicates less than full time status is considered part-time.

Registered Students: A student is considered registered for a course when a completed registration has been entered by the student into their SIS account.  This confirms that the student has been determined to meet all pre & corequisites for the course. The student must also meet all College financial obligations.