Academic Advising

Parking & Traffic Regulations

All students, faculty and staff may park their motor vehicles in designated spots on RVCC property free of charge. All vehicles parked on RVCC property, anytime, must be properly licensed, inspected and display a parking permit.

Commuter students, faculty, and staff are responsible for advising Campus Facilities if they are planning to leave their vehicle in designated spots on RVCC property overnight. Individuals may be asked to leave a set of keys with Campus Facilities in the event the vehicle needs to be moved due to an emergency and/or snow removal. There is no designated RVCC parking at the Lebanon Academic Center, please follow parking rules issued by the City of Lebanon.

Handicap parking will be reserved for vehicles operated by handicapped persons. All vehicles parked in handicapped spots must display State handicapped license plates or decals. If you are in need of a temporary handicap parking permit due to surgery, broken bones, etc., you must first supply the Vice President of Academic & Student Affairs for students of the Human Resources Officer for employees with documentation from your physician. Afterwards, a temporary parking permit will be issued. Any vehicle illegally parked in a handicapped parking space will be issued a ticket and could be towed at owners expense.

With the exception of the parking in marked spaces such as the PTK spot, Visitor Parking, College Vehicle Parking, or any other spots marked reserved or handicapped, all parking on campus is on a first come first served basis. Any unauthorized vehicles parked in marked areas will be ticketed and/or towed or booted at owner's expense.

There are two speed limit zones on the main campus (Claremont):

  • Speed limit on College Place is 15 miles per hour unless otherwise posted.
  • Speed limit in parking areas is 5 miles per hour.

There is one speed limit zone at the Academic Center in Keene: 5 miles per hour on Center driveways and parking areas. The paved one-way road parallel to Washington Street is used for one way access and limited parking spots.

Miscellaneous points:

  • There will be no parking except in designated areas.
  • Vehicles will yield to pedestrians at all times.
  • Officers from the local police department may be called at any time to assist with those vehicles or persons driving vehicles in an unsafe manner.
  • Violations of this policy may result in fines and/or actions described in the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Transcripts, diplomas, and grade reports will be not issued until all fines are paid.