ADNR 116R : Nursing Care I

This course focuses on fundamental concepts of nursing practice such as nursing process, health and wellness, therapeutic communication, teaching learning, and ethical-legal principles which provide the foundation for safe and effective nursing practice. Theoretical concepts of person, health, nursing, and environment are integrated with intellectual, interpersonal, and psychomotor competencies to form an understanding of the roles of a nurse as provider and manager of care and member of a profession. The roles of the nurse are developed through simulation and clinical practice using QSEN competencies and Benner’s model of skill attainment. Culture, spirituality, and alternative therapies prepare for care of a diverse healthcare population. Pharmacological principles and common medications are introduced with a focus on safe medication administration principles. The focus of this course is nursing management of adults with common or chronic health disorders.

HOURS: 2 lab, 10 clinical


PSYC 101R, BIOL 201R, ENGL 102R, ADNR 105R with grade of “C” or better, BLS Certification, liability and medical insurance, active NH Nurse Assistant Licensure (or corequisite)




Lecture Hours
Lab Hours