ADNR 105R : Nursing Seminar I

The Nursing Seminar course facilitates students’ success in the nursing program and the nursing profession by introducing concepts basic to nursing practice. Learning activities help students develop study skills, test-taking skills, and time management skills. Students learn about the history of the nursing profession and issues facing nurses in today’s healthcare. Discussions focus on the different levels of nursing education. The course introduces students to the five-step nursing process as a framework for critical thinking and problem solving, as well as theories and conceptual frameworks used to support nursing practice. Students examine the New Hampshire Nurse Practice Acts and discuss legal and ethical issues in nursing practice. The course introduces students to the National Council Licensing Exam (NCLEX) for registered nurses test plan in reference to the program of study at River Valley Community College’s nursing program. Students talk about using nursing research as evidence for nursing practice. (Admission to ASN Program, ADNR 116R)




Lecture Hours