MEDA 135R : Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures II

This second of a two-course sequence is designed as a co-requisite course for the medical assistant student attending MA Practicum. Skills and competencies learned in Clinical Procedures I will be reinforced in order for the student to gain a higher level of proficiency and confidence in their abilities as medical assistants. Theory content will cover anatomy and physiology, and place emphasis on specific organs and body systems and their associated illnesses and disease entities. In addition, the physiological aspects of working with special populations will be considered. This course stresses the disease processes, diagnostic studies, treatment protocols, and drug and diet therapies involved in the various systems of the human body.


HLTH 102R, MEDA 110R, MEDA 130R, BIOL 103R or MEDA 121R, MEDA 124R; Matriculation in the Medical Assistant Program (or corequisite)




Lecture Hours