MEDA 130R : Medical Assistant Clinical Procedures I

The first of a two-course sequence designed as an introduction to the essential knowledge and clinical skill required by the medical assistant. Instruction in this course stresses theory, principles and skills related to medical asepsis and infection control; treatment protocols and drug and diet therapies involved in the various systems of the human body, taking medical history; vital signs and anthropometric measurements; patient preparation and assisting in physical examinations; instrumentation, sanitation, disinfection and sterilization of instruments and equipment; assisting with minor surgical procedures; administration of EKGs; preparation, storage, and administration of medication; diagnostic imaging; and review of medical office emergencies including CPR and airway obstruction.


HLTH 102R, MEDA 121R, MEDA 110R, BIOL 103R or BIOL 201R and Matriculation in the Medical Assistant Program (or corequisite)




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