ARTS111R: Photography and Digital Imaging

Class Program
Credits 3 Lecture Hours 3

This course covers the technical and artistic aspects of photography and digital imaging. Topics include camera operation, exposure, composition, and lighting with emphasis on the technical and artistic sides of photography. Through assignments in photographing nature, scenery, people, sports, and existing light and through the study of the styles of many renowned photographers, students will begin to develop their artistic sense and photographic vision. Students will use photo editing software to manipulate and composite images.
**Students must have access to a camera with adjustable apertures and shutter speeds.
The rationale of this course is to teach the students the fundamental elements, technical knowledge, and the creative inspiration to understand and produce images that are interesting, informative, and attractive to a wider range of viewers. Photography is very useful as a visual communication tool in everything from articulating personal stories to illustrating commercial messages and research as well as many other professional and non-professional uses.