ENGL 122R : Professional Writing & Communications

Applying principles used in business and industry, this course prepares students to use a variety of written and oral communication styles within the professional community. Students will create and analyze workplace documents, including resumes, memos, instructions, feasibility reports, and proposals, will build on an understanding of issues of audience and purpose, and will learn to utilize visual devices, including a focus on document design and layout to make documents more effective. Attention will also be placed on critical reflection and revision both as initiated by the individual student and as completed in response to the feedback of peers.


1.) SAT evidence-based reading/writing score ≥ 500, OR

2.) completion of ENGL098R or ENGL102R with a C or better, OR

3.) SAT evidence-based reading/writing score <500 WITH required corequisite writing workshop, OR

4.) permission of Department Chair.




Lecture Hours