Networking Certificate

Degree Type

The Networking Certificate explores the integration of hardware and software in computer technology; networking. Students who complete the course of study will gain practical skills in the development, installation, service, support and administration of computer networks and the operating systems.

The major focus is to give individuals up-to-date technical skills they can immediately apply in career employment and / or advancement. It can also provide a basis for further academic study. Individuals who complete the program may find employment as computer help desk or service technicians, network support or computer systems specialist, or customer support representatives. Students may also transfer credits into the Associate Degree Networking Program. Students must earn a grade of ā€œCā€ or higher in all CSCI technology courses required for graduation to progress within the program and graduate.



* CSCI 110R, 240R, 120R and 212R have co/prerequisites. See course descriptions for requirements. 

Total Credits