CSCI236R: Enterprise Networking and Security and Automation

Class Program
Credits 3 Lab Hours 2 Lecture Hours 2

This course covers architecture, components, and the operations of routers and switches with increased focus on the installation and configuration of local and large complex networks known as wide area networks (WANs).  Students will learn how to configure routers and switches for advanced functionality.  Topics include physically connecting LANs and WANs to Cisco routers, implementing static and dynamic routing using the Cisco IOS, and troubleshooting routing problems.  Students will develop the knowledge and skills to implement routing protocols such as OSPF and NAT along with Access Control Lists (ACL) configurations and concepts.  Student will develop skills in network security, network management, network design, network troubleshooting, network virtualization, network automation, VPN, and IPsec concepts. 

Prerequisite Courses