AHLT 200R : Clinical Taping for the Allied Health Clinician

The allied health clinician may be treating patients with ligamentous sprains and muscular or tendinous strains. Knowledge of clinical taping/ wrapping for edema control and musculo-skeletal support is a useful additional skill for those interested in working with patients with orthopedic or sports medicine clinical diagnoses. This occasionally-offered course will introduce indications, contraindications, and precautions for taping and wrapping, in addition to the necessary supplies and general considerations. The participant will learn taping and/or wrapping techniques for arch support, shin splints, ankle sprains, Achille’s tendon strains, collateral ligament sprains of the knee, various toe, patello-femoral, hip and shoulder dysfunctions, and strains to the biceps, thumb, hamstrings tendons.


AHLT 123R or currently licensed PT/PTA or permission of instructor.




Lecture Hours