Academic Advising

River Valley Community College, in compliance with Section 504 of the 1973 Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), is committed to providing equal access to academic programs, services and its facilities. In order to receive classroom/program accommodations, a student must meet eligibility requirements by providing documentation, completing the application process and meeting with the Accessibility Coordinator. The student is responsible for meeting with the Accessibility Coordinator prior to the start of each semester to create and/or update the Individual Reasonable Accommodation Plan (IRAP).

Current IEP’s, 504 plans or other evaluations such as speech-language, auditory, emotional, academic, etc. are examples of acceptable documentation and should be current (preferably no older than three years). Note this information is confidential and used exclusively to develop the appropriate accommodation.

River Valley Community College adheres to the ADA guidelines pertaining to service animals at each of our locations.

Sample Accommodations:

  • Extra time on exams
  • Alternative location for exams
  • Recording lectures
  • Interpreters
  • Digital textbooks
  • Peer note-taker/access to PowerPoints

Accommodations in clinical placement:

Students in programs that require successful completion of a clinical placement should be aware that clinical sites are not necessarily required to recognize accommodations contained within an Individual Reasonable Accommodation Plan (IRAP) issued by River Valley Community College (RVCC) designed for use in classroom setting pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act. Please be aware that clinical sites may need to adapt any accommodation request you made in a manner that does not create an undue hardship for them and does not require them to alter the essential functions of the internship expectations. You are encouraged to discuss the accommodation process with both your site supervisor and your RVCC faculty.

Colleges and Universities are not required to:

  • Reduce or adjust the essential requirements of a course or program
  • Conduct testing and assessment of disabilities
  • Provide personal attendants
  • Provide personal or private tutors