2024-2025 Tuition and Fees


Student Type  
New Hampshire Resident $215 / credit
New England Regional Student (CT, MA, ME, RI, VT) $323 / credit
Out of State $490 / credit

NERSP Policy: All matriculated New England students will be charged the New England Regional Student tuition rate for day courses. Students living within a 50-mile radius of RVCC will be charged in-state tuition rates for day courses. Out-of-state students will pay out-of-state rates for day courses. ALL students will be charged in-state tuition rates for evening, weekend, and online courses.

FEES (Required) 

Item Cost

Academic Instruction Fee

Comprehensive Fee**

$110 / lab hour

$9 / credit

*An Academic Instruction Fee will be charged for all Laboratory or other similar experiences. This fee will be calculated by subtracting the number of lecture hours from the number of credit hours and multiplying the remainder by $110 for each course. This will be added to the normal tuition charge for that course.

Example: BIOL2025 Microbiology 2022-2023
                CL     LAB     CR 
                3     3     4     4 - 3 = 1 x 110 = $110

**Supports Student Life and the Student Government Association. 

Individual course fees for the following programs: 

Item Cost

Technology Fee

Nursing, OTA, PTA
Practicum Clinical Surcharge

Nursing ATI Live Review (ADNR116R, ADNR117R, ADNR220R, ADNR230R)

Nursing, Practical Nursing
Lab Bag Fee







Item Cost
Diploma Replacement $20
Diploma Cover Replacement $20

Liability Insurance (following programs)

•    Criminal Justice
•    Early Childhood Education
•    Early Childhood Education Level 2
•    Massage Therapy
•    Medical Laboratory Technician
•    Nursing
•    Occupational Therapy Assistant
•    Phlebotomy
•    Physical Therapist Assistant
•    Practical Nursing
•    Radiologic Technology
•    Respiratory Therapy

Non-refundable Tuition Deposit*** $100
Returned Check Fee $35
Smoking Fine $25-$50
Student ID Replacement $15
Credit by Exam $25/credit


***A non-refundable tuition deposit of $100 will be required from all students matriculated in RN, LPN, Rad Tech, Respiratory, or PTA. A matriculated student is defined as one who has been formally accepted into a degree or certificate program. The President or his/her designee reserves the right to waive the fee in circumstances where the collection of the deposit is not feasible (e.g., late admits, financial hardship, obstacle to disbursing financial aid). The deposit will be applied to the tuition for the semester immediately following the student’s matriculation and will not be refunded even if the student withdraws during the designated full refund period or if the student fails to attend. The tuition deposit is not transferable to another semester unless an exception is made by the President or his/her designee. 


Some programs at RVCC require the use of equipment and supplies which must be purchased by the student. These materials are necessary for career entry upon graduation and are important for the student to receive a high quality, hands on college education. 

For information regarding estimated costs and requirements, please refer to the desired degree program within this publication.

Clinical Fee
All nursing, OTA and PTA students taking clinical courses will be charged a nursing clinical surcharge of $500 per semester. This surcharge is designed to assist in covering the increased expenses associated with clinical classes. This fee is in addition to the academic instruction fee and comprehensive fee.

Tuition is due two weeks prior to the start of the semester and can be paid in the Business Office, by mail, or online through the Student Information System (SIS) at www.rivervalley.edu.

When tuition is not fully covered by financial aid and/or a payment plan, it is the student’s responsibility to pay the difference two weeks prior to the start of classes. 

Students who have not accepted their financial aid, established a payment plan, or paid in full two weeks prior to the start of classes could be in jeopardy of being deregistered from classes.

Students will not receive bills in the mail; all billing statements will be viewable in the Student Information System (SIS). Students will receive an e-mail notification (sent to their @students.ccsnh.edu e-mail address) advising them that their current billing statement is available for viewing on the SIS. The statements can be printed or downloaded to PDF format. After viewing their statements online; students may choose to pay online, via phone 603.542.7744 ext. 5302 or by visiting the Business Office. If the student would like someone else to receive or pay the bill, the student must designate this person as an “Authorized Payer”.

Monthly Payment Plan
To assist students with tuition charges, the College offers an interest-free monthly payment plan administered by Nelnet Business Solutions. The plan allows students to fulfill their financial obligation to the College by automatic electronic processing of installment payments. There is a per semester enrollment fee for this program. More information can be obtained from the Business Office or on our website by accessing the "Pay for College" tab.

Delinquent Account Collection Process
The following collection clause will be listed on all forms requiring the student’s signature:

“I agree that by registering for courses within the Community College System of New Hampshire (CCSNH), I am financially obligated for ALL costs related to the registered course(s). Upon a drop or withdrawal, I agree that I will be responsible for all charges as noted in the student catalog and handbook. I further understand that if I do not make payment in full, my account may be reported to the credit bureau and/or turned over to an outside collection agency. I also agree to pay for the fees of any collection agency, which may be based on a percentage of the debt up to a maximum of 35%, and all additional costs and expenses, including any protested check fees, court filing costs and reasonable attorney’s fees, which will add significant costs to my account balance.”

Refund Policy
Students who officially withdraw from the College or an individual course by the end of the fourteenth (14th) calendar day of the semester will receive a 100% refund of tuition, less non-refundable fees. Classes that meet in a shorter format than the traditional semester will have 7 calendar days from the designated start of the alternative semester to withdraw for a full refund. If the seventh (7th) or fourteenth (14th) calendar day falls on a weekend or holiday, the drop refund date will be the first business day following the holiday or weekend. Exception: Students in courses that meet for two weeks or fewer must drop by the end of the first day of the class in order to get a 100% refund.  All refunds require that students complete an official withdrawal form.

Students registered for non-credit workshops must withdraw in writing at least three days prior to the first workshop session to receive a full refund of tuition and fees. In extenuating circumstances, the President (or designee) is authorized to offer alternative compensation in the form of tuition credits to students on a case-by-case basis. Tuition credit on a student account must be used within one calendar year from the date of authorization.

In accordance with Federal regulations, refunds for an amount less than $1 ($0.99 or less) will be forfeited.

Employee Reimbursement
Where the employer, the Veterans Administration, or other agency is guaranteeing both tuition and fees, such guarantee must be in writing and signed by an authorized representative of the company or agency.